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Estonian Jüri Vips (Hitech Grand Prix) won the 100th race in the history of FIA Formula 2 on Saturday in the Baku Sprint Race 2. David Beckmann (Charouz Racing System) and Jehan Daruvala (Carlin).

Race 2 - Sprint Race

18Flag EstoniaJüri VipsDallara - MecachromePi0:46:05.70421-163.956 km/h15
214Flag GermanyDavid BeckmannDallara - MecachromePi0:46:08.96421+0:03.26163.762 km/h12
36Flag IndiaJehan DaruvalaDallara - MecachromePi0:46:09.58721+0:03.883163.726 km/h10
424Flag NetherlandsBent ViscaalDallara - MecachromePi0:46:10.34821+0:04.644163.681 km/h8
51Flag RussiaRobert ShwartzmanDallara - MecachromePi0:46:10.70621+0:05.2163.660 km/h6
65Flag United KingdomDan TicktumDallara - MecachromePi0:46:11.91721+0:06.213163.588 km/h4
77Flag AustraliaLiam LawsonDallara - MecachromePi0:46:12.45521+0:06.751163.556 km/h2
82Flag AustraliaOscar PiastriDallara - MecachromePi0:46:14.84221+0:09.138163.416 km/h1
910Flag FranceThéo PourchaireDallara - MecachromePi0:46:19.01921+0:13.315163.170 km/h0
104Flag BrazilFelipe DrugovichDallara - MecachromePi0:46:21.17721+0:15.473163.043 km/h0
1120Flag ItalyMatteo NanniniDallara - MecachromePi0:46:23.67921+0:17.975162.897 km/h0
1222Flag United KingdomJack AitkenDallara - MecachromePi0:46:28.53221+0:22.828162.613 km/h0
1325Flag JapanMarino SatoDallara - MecachromePi0:46:31.37921+0:25.675162.447 km/h0
1415Flag BrazilGuilherme SamaiaDallara - MecachromePi0:46:55.68521+0:49.981161.045 km/h0
1523Flag ItalyAlessio DeleddaDallara - MecachromePi0:46:57.74121+0:52.37160.928 km/h0
1616Flag IsraelRoy NissanyDallara - MecachromePi0:47:37.52221+1:31.818158.687 km/h0
DNF17Flag New ZealandMarcus ArmstrongDallara - MecachromePi0:17:39.4587Retirement + 14 laps142.432 km/h0
DNF9Flag DenmarkChristian LundgaardDallara - MecachromePi0:17:40.3057Retirement + 14 laps142.319 km/h0
DNF11Flag NetherlandsRichard VerschoorDallara - MecachromePi0:11:59.2655Retirement + 16 laps149.708 km/h0
DNF3Flag ChinaGuanyu ZhouDallara - MecachromePi0:00:00.0000Retirement + 21 laps-0
DNF12Flag GermanyLirim ZendeliDallara - MecachromePi0:00:00.0000Retirement + 21 laps-0
DNF21Flag SwitzerlandRalph BoschungDallara - MecachromePi0:00:00.0000Retirement + 21 laps-0

Laps Lead

18Flag EstoniaJüri VipsDallara - MecachromePi1210-2157.140
214Flag GermanyDavid BeckmannDallara - MecachromePi91-942.860

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