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Isack Hadjar wins the first Formula Regional Europe race in Monaco. Zane Maloney and Paul Aron complete the podium.

Race 1

16Flag FranceIsack HadjarTatuus - AlpinePi0:32:56.41021-127.644 km/h25
222Flag BarbadosZane MaloneyTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:03.81121+0:07.401127.168 km/h18
31Flag EstoniaPaul AronTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:06.81021+0:10.4126.976 km/h15
410Flag FranceHadrien DavidTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:07.27321+0:10.863126.946 km/h12
55Flag FinlandPatrik PasmaTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:09.79521+0:13.385126.786 km/h10
621Flag United KingdomAlex QuinnTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:10.02321+0:13.613126.771 km/h8
712Flag SpainDavid VidalesTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:13.56121+0:17.151126.546 km/h6
88Flag FinlandWilliam AlataloTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:14.11021+0:17.7126.511 km/h4
964Flag SpainMari BoyaTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:14.83821+0:18.428126.465 km/h2
1046Flag ItalyGabriele MinìTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:15.20121+0:18.791126.442 km/h1
1135Flag ItalyPietro Delli GuantiTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:21.56121+0:25.151126.040 km/h0
1258Flag FinlandElias SeppänenTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:23.64521+0:27.235125.909 km/h0
1319Flag ItalyAndrea RossoTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:23.96221+0:27.552125.889 km/h0
1427Flag NetherlandsKas HaverkortTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:24.44721+0:28.37125.859 km/h0
1551Flag ItalyFrancesco PizziTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:25.13621+0:28.726125.816 km/h0
1623Flag NetherlandsThomas ten BrinkeTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:25.54921+0:29.139125.790 km/h0
1717Flag SwedenDino BeganovicTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:25.78321+0:29.373125.775 km/h0
1896Flag DenmarkOliver GoetheTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:27.45021+0:31.4125.670 km/h0
197Flag SwitzerlandAxel GnosTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:43.78521+0:47.375124.656 km/h0
2015Flag SwitzerlandLéna BühlerfemaleTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:44.08521+0:47.675124.638 km/h0
2155Flag VenezuelaAlessandro FamularoTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:47.51621+0:51.106124.427 km/h0
2226Flag SwitzerlandGrégoire SaucyTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:49.30021+0:52.89124.317 km/h0
2385Flag BrazilGabriel BortoletoTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:53.10821+0:56.698124.085 km/h0
2471Flag GuatemalaBrad BenavidesTatuus - AlpinePi0:34:05.34921+1:08.939123.342 km/h0
DNF91Flag BrazilEduardo BarrichelloTatuus - AlpinePi0:33:51.08613Retirement + 8 laps76.891 km/h0
DNF14Flag ItalyNicola MarinangeliTatuus - AlpinePi0:14:16.0069Retirement + 12 laps126.306 km/h0
DNF13Flag SwitzerlandJasin FeratiTatuus - AlpinePi0:03:29.4482Retirement + 19 laps114.713 km/h0
DNS62Flag SpainLorenzo FluxáTatuus - AlpinePi--?---
DNQ2Flag GermanyNico GöhlerTatuus - AlpinePi------
DNQ9Flag FranceAlexandre BardinonTatuus - AlpinePi------
DNQ16Flag AustraliaTom SmithTatuus - AlpinePi------
DNQ41Flag ItalyEmidio PesceTatuus - AlpinePi------
WDN43Flag ArgentinaFranco ColapintoTatuus - AlpinePi--Withdrawn---

Laps Lead

16Flag FranceIsack HadjarTatuus - AlpinePi211-21100.000

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