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With two laps to go in the 105th Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, veteran driver Hélio Castroneves passed Alex Palou for the lead to claim his fourth Indy 500 victory (2001, 2002, 2009, 2021).

The 46-year-old Meyer Shank Racing driver joined A. J. Foyt (1961, 1964, 1967, 1977), Al Unser Sr. (1970, 1971, 1978, 1987) and Rick Mears (1979, 1984, 1988, 1991) in the legend of drivers with 4 Indy 500 wins.

Hélio Castroneves, nicknamed “Spiderman”, celebrated his success the only way he could by climbing the fences as he did for every victory.

With 10 laps to go in the 200-lap, 500-mile race, Castroneves was in the top five, and it was likely that two cars ahead of him would have to pit before the end of the race. They did, leaving Castroneves in the lead with six laps to go.

Chip Ganassi Racing’s Alex Palou was in pursuit. With five laps to go, Palou passed Castroneves for the lead, but with two laps to go, the now four-time Indy 500 champion made his winning move.

Castroneves passed Palou to take the lead along the front line of the circuit and broke away for the checkered flag.

Note that this is the fastest 500 miles in history with an average speed of 190.690mph, the previous record in 2013 was 187.433mph.


106Flag BrazilHélio CastronevesDallara - HondaFi2:37:19.385200-306.859 km/h100
210Flag SpainÁlex PalouDallara - HondaFi2:37:19.877200+0:00.492306.843 km/h80
322Flag FranceSimon PagenaudDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:19.947200+0:00.562306.841 km/h70
45Flag MexicoPatricio O'WardDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:20.326200+0:00.941306.828 km/h64
520Flag United StatesEd CarpenterDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:20.627200+0:01.242306.819 km/h60
645Flag United StatesSantino FerrucciDallara - HondaFi2:37:28.472200+0:09.87306.564 km/h56
724Flag United StatesSage KaramDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:32.821200+0:13.436306.423 km/h52
821Flag NetherlandsRinus VeeKayDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:33.626200+0:14.241306.397 km/h48
986Flag ColombiaJuan Pablo MontoyaDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:34.265200+0:14.88306.376 km/h44
1048Flag BrazilTony KanaanDallara - HondaFi2:37:34.827200+0:15.442306.358 km/h40
118Flag SwedenMarcus EricssonDallara - HondaFi2:37:35.901200+0:16.516306.323 km/h38
122Flag United StatesJosef NewgardenDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:41.689200+0:22.304306.136 km/h36
1347Flag United StatesConor DalyDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:42.077200+0:22.692306.123 km/h34
1430Flag JapanTakuma SatoDallara - HondaFi2:37:42.680200+0:23.295306.104 km/h32
151Flag United StatesJ. R. HildebrandDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:42.912200+0:23.527306.096 km/h30
1626Flag United StatesColton HertaDallara - HondaFi2:37:48.188200+0:28.803305.925 km/h28
179Flag New ZealandScott DixonDallara - HondaFi2:37:58.026200+0:38.641305.608 km/h26
1860Flag United KingdomJack HarveyDallara - HondaFi2:37:59.542200+0:40.157305.559 km/h24
1998Flag United StatesMarco AndrettiDallara - HondaFi2:37:59.744200+0:40.359305.553 km/h22
203Flag New ZealandScott McLaughlinDallara - ChevroletFi2:38:00.218200+0:40.833305.537 km/h20
2129Flag CanadaJames HinchcliffeDallara - HondaFi2:38:00.231200+0:40.846305.537 km/h18
2228Flag United StatesRyan Hunter-ReayDallara - HondaFi2:38:00.961200+0:41.576305.513 km/h16
234Flag CanadaDalton KellettDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:25.606199+ 1 lap305.124 km/h14
2459Flag United KingdomMax ChiltonDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:35.320199+ 1 lap304.810 km/h12
2551Flag BrazilPietro FittipaldiDallara - HondaFi2:37:40.796199+ 1 lap304.634 km/h10
2614Flag FranceSébastien BourdaisDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:44.737199+ 1 lap304.507 km/h10
277Flag SwedenFelix RosenqvistDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:45.510199+ 1 lap304.482 km/h10
2818Flag United Arab EmiratesEd JonesDallara - HondaFi2:37:56.346199+ 1 lap304.134 km/h10
2927Flag United StatesAlexander RossiDallara - HondaFi2:37:40.729198+ 2 laps303.105 km/h10
3012Flag AustraliaWill PowerDallara - ChevroletFi2:37:33.268197+ 3 laps301.812 km/h10
31DNF16Flag SwitzerlandSimona de SilvestrofemaleDallara - ChevroletFi2:21:09.195169contact + 31 laps289.000 km/h10
32DNF15Flag United StatesGraham RahalDallara - HondaFi1:33:12.580118contact + 82 laps305.578 km/h10
33DNF25Flag United KingdomStefan WilsonDallara - HondaFi0:22:19.03532contact + 168 laps346.107 km/h10
DNQ11Flag United StatesCharlie KimballDallara - ChevroletFi------
DNQ75Flag United StatesR. C. EnersonDallara - ChevroletFi------

Laps Lead

147Flag United StatesConor DalyDallara - ChevroletFi4050-70, 84-10220.002
210Flag SpainÁlex PalouDallara - HondaFi3577, 119-124, 131-147, 162-168, 172, 196-19817.501
321Flag NetherlandsRinus VeeKayDallara - ChevroletFi322-30, 49, 82-8316.001
406Flag BrazilHélio CastronevesDallara - HondaFi2036-38, 71-76, 125-126, 148-149, 169-171, 194-195, 199-20010.001
55Flag MexicoPatricio O'WardDallara - ChevroletFi1778, 103-113, 127-130, 1508.501
67Flag SwedenFelix RosenqvistDallara - ChevroletFi14157, 180-1927.001
726Flag United StatesColton HertaDallara - HondaFi131, 31-32, 39-486.501
815Flag United StatesGraham RahalDallara - HondaFi879-81, 114-1184.001
99Flag New ZealandScott DixonDallara - HondaFi733-35, 158-1613.501
1030Flag JapanTakuma SatoDallara - HondaFi7151-156, 1933.501
1122Flag FranceSimon PagenaudDallara - ChevroletFi3173-1751.501
1245Flag United StatesSantino FerrucciDallara - HondaFi2178-1791.001
1324Flag United StatesSage KaramDallara - ChevroletFi2176-1771.001

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