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After the first 5 Grand Prix, it’s time to take stock of the forces at work and the clashes to follow for the rest of the season?

At the front, everything is set for a titanic battle between Hamilton and Verstappen. The two drivers, already neck and neck several times since the beginning of the season, are ready to offer us a fight that will remain engraved in the annals of Formula 1. Accidents, altercations and breakages are bound to happen, and it’s hard to predict who will become world champion. It’s so good to have the suspense back for the world title!

Third place in the championship seems to be reserved for Bottas. The Finnish driver’s legendary bad luck and his lack of race pace do not allow him to aim any higher for the moment. Everything goes very fast in F1, and the truth of the first 5 races of the year only shows a trend for the coming season, Bottas could bounce back! Watch out for Perez who should continue his progression throughout the year and should quickly reach the podium and the two outsiders Leclerc and Norris who dazzle us every weekend with their talent.

Sainz and Ricciardo, new to their team and still behind their team-mates, should finish the season in 7th and 8th place.

To complete the top 10, we find a package composed of Gasly and both Alpine and Aston Martin drivers. Even though Aston Martin was the big winner in the strategic Monaco race, I still see them lagging behind the rest of the field. A great battle is taking shape between the two Normandy drivers Gasly and Ocon, and maybe Alonso who is starting to disappoint…

Mercedes should logically take the constructors’ title if Perez does not manage to match Bottas, which will require better results in qualifying. Third place seems more within Ferrari’s grasp despite some pace problems at the end of the race. The cards are in Ricciardo’s hands and he can turn things around if he finds his feet in his car.

Fifth place in the championship will be tight between the trio of Aston, Alpine and Alpha Tauri and each of these teams will have to rely on their two drivers to take the lead in the championship.

Behind them, Alfa Romeo must continue to collect points to consolidate its 8th place while Williams or Haas will have to jump on the slightest opportunity to score points that will be worth a lot at the end of the year.

Written by Nico AUPEE founder of @F1FormuleFrance on Instagram

Page automatically translated from French with DeepL®

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