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The reigning champion of the Porsche Supercup, Larry ten Voorde, did not leave it to anyone else to open the 2021 edition of this very spectacular series in style this morning in the streets of the Principality. Starting from pole position, the Dutchman won without any worries, ahead of New Zealander Jaxon Evans, member of the Porsche Junior Team, and Frenchman Dorian Boccolacci, ex-Formula 2 driver, who completed the podium in his very first Supercup race.

This race was interrupted at the start by a red flag following a major pile-up between Sainte-Dévote and the Casino, which forced the ACM stewards to once again do a lot of work to clear the most damaged car, then sweep up the debris on the track, while adding special sawdust to the oil marks. After only a few minutes, the race started again and the logic of Friday morning’s qualifying was respected.


125Flag NetherlandsLarry ten VoordePorscheMi0:25:45.48715-116.596 km/h25
220Flag AustraliaJaxon EvansPorscheMi0:25:48.76315+0:03.276116.350 km/h20
319Flag FranceDorian BoccolacciPorscheMi0:25:52.09715+0:06.61116.100 km/h17
46Flag AustriaChristopher ZöchlingPorscheMi0:25:52.70015+0:07.213116.055 km/h14
511Flag FranceFlorian LatorrePorscheMi0:25:55.53015+0:10.43115.843 km/h12
628Flag GermanyLeon KöhlerPorscheMi0:25:58.02715+0:12.54115.658 km/h10
716Flag ItalySimone IaquintaPorscheMi0:25:59.53215+0:14.45115.546 km/h9
84Flag CyprusTio EllinasPorscheMi0:26:00.56215+0:15.75115.470 km/h8
917Flag United KingdomHarry KingPorscheMi0:26:00.92015+0:15.433115.443 km/h7
1012Flag FranceSteven PalettePorscheMi0:26:05.64015+0:20.153115.095 km/h6
113Flag LuxembourgDylan PereiraPorscheMi0:26:09.04115+0:23.554114.846 km/h5
127Flag NorwayMarius NakkenPorscheMi0:26:12.22615+0:26.739114.613 km/h4
1314Flag ItalyLodovico LauriniPorscheMi0:26:15.50915+0:30.22114.374 km/h3
1429Flag GermanyLaurin HeinrichPorscheMi0:26:27.95515+0:42.468113.478 km/h2
159Flag BelgiumLucas GroeneveldPorscheMi0:26:34.30615+0:48.819113.026 km/h1
1626Flag NetherlandsJesse van KuijkPorscheMi0:26:35.66315+0:50.176112.930 km/h0
1724Flag NetherlandsMax van SplunterenPorscheMi0:26:53.32215+1:07.835111.694 km/h0
1821Flag FranceClément MateuPorscheMi0:27:11.62415+1:26.137110.441 km/h0
1915Flag AustriaPhilipp SagerPorscheMi0:27:17.48415+1:31.997110.046 km/h0
202Flag TurkeyAyhancan GüvenPorscheMi0:24:59.59014+ 1 lap112.154 km/h0
DNF8Flag FranceMaxime BoulinPorscheMi0:10:18.5015Retirement + 10 laps97.115 km/h0
DNF18Flag United KingdomMichael CreesPorscheMi0:03:04.1531Retirement + 14 laps65.235 km/h0
DNS1Flag FranceJean-Baptiste SimmenauerPorscheMi--?---
DNS5Flag FranceNicolas MisslinPorscheMi--?---
DNS10Flag NetherlandsDaan van KuijkPorscheMi--?---
DNS22Flag FranceStéphane DenoualPorscheMi--?---
DNS23Flag United KingdomAaron MasonPorscheMi--?---
DNS27Flag NorwayRoar LindlandPorscheMi--?---

Laps Lead

125Flag NetherlandsLarry ten VoordePorscheMi151-15100.000

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