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The Italian team based in Faenza unveiled on Friday morning its new F1 car still equipped with the Honda engine.

The AlphaTauri AT02 has nothing revolutionary like the majority of the F1 for 2021. It is an evolution of last year’s car to the AT01, but the team has been working on aerodynamics to try and find improvements for this new season.

After a superb year 2020 which saw Pierre Gasly‘s first race victory at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the Frenchman stays for this season, but will have a new team-mate from Formula 2, the young Japanese Yuki Tsunoda who replaces the Russian Daniil Kvyat.

Technical director Jody Egginton said that although the chassis is a carry-over from last year, the whole thing has undergone a lot of improvements.

“The work that has been undertaken to develop our car for 2021 goes far beyond compliance with the rule changes,” he said.

“It has involved modifications to almost all the aerodynamic surfaces as well as the development and reconditioning of large parts of the car, which are hidden, in order to achieve these changes.

“We have spent a lot of time working to recover the aerodynamic losses resulting from the rule changes, while at the same time focusing on increasing and improving the car’s aerodynamic operating window.

“This activity will continue throughout the season, with the allocation of resources between the 2021 and 2022 projects being reviewed and adjusted as necessary to maximise the potential of both projects”.

Although F1 rules have allowed AlphaTauri to upgrade its suspension to meet Red Bull’s 2020 specifications, the team has chosen to retain the version it used last year.

However, it did use two development tokens for a new nose, and redesigned the outer front suspension – triggering an upgrade of the steering components to those used by Red Bull last year.

AlphaTauri is sticking with Honda engines for the Japanese manufacturer’s final F1 season and will then switch to Red Bull Powertrains engines like its sister team Red Bull Racing from 2022.

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